Answers to Common Questions

The old platform has already begun the process of shutting down. If you’re experiencing a service outage, it could be for one of a number of reasons. We’ve listed below some of the most common issues you may be experiencing, along with how you can go about restoring your service. Click the link below that best fits your situation:

Already Migrated

If your account has already been migrated to the new platform, but your site is down, it could be that one or more of your domains are still pointing to the old platform. Learn how to update your domain name server (DNS) to point to the new platform and get your services working again.

Some of the most common questions we get about the new platform are about email settings on the new platform and managing your domains. This information and more can be found in the “important changes” section of this site.

VPS or Dedicated-Server Accounts

If you have a VPS account that has not yet been migrated, please review our VPS Manual Migration Instructions to get your account up and running on the new platform ASAP.

Reseller Accounts
The information above applies to your accounts, too, except that they’re hosted on on the new platform and managed via your new Reseller Console.

Not Migrated / Still Hosted on the Old Platform

The migration period has ended, and the old platform is in the process of being dismantled. If your account was not migrated, you’ll need to find another hosting provider immediately, or re-create your account directly on the new platform. Learn more »

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