About the Migration

February 1, 2016: Verio Is Moving to a New Hosting Platform

We are pleased to announce that your Verio account will soon be moved to a more dynamic and feature-rich technology infrastructure. The Endurance International Group (“Endurance”) has acquired the web hosting business from NTT America, Inc. (“NTT America”) offered under the Verio brand, and once your account has been moved to the new platform, Endurance will be the service provider for your web hosting, email, and domain name needs.

Endurance will continue to provide services to you under the Verio brand, even after your account has been moved to Endurance‚Äôs hosting platform, at which point you’ll benefit from:

  • Faster, more modern server hardware.
  • Increased network security and a larger systems operations team.
  • A larger, highly trained technical support team.
  • Seamless integration with Google Apps.
  • Access to hundreds of WordPress themes and templates.
  • A large variety of products and services to help build and grow your online presence.

Endurance was chosen for their expertise in the processes and technologies used to migrate your account in the short run and support your hosting, email, and domain name needs in the long run. The Endurance team has been providing world-class hosting and email technologies to small and medium-sized businesses for 18 years, and we know you’ll be pleased with their service.

We certainly appreciate your business. All of us, both at NTT America and Endurance, understand that it is you, our customers, who have made NTT America the premier online services provider that it has become, and with your help, Verio’s next chapter will be its best one.

February 29, 2016: New Verio Website, Migration Next Steps

We’ve officially begun the process of moving Verio to a more dynamic and feature-rich technology infrastructure. We think you’re really going to like this new platform — benefits include faster, more modern server hardware, increased network security and more.

While we haven’t migrated your account just yet, we have made some changes to the Verio website to better integrate it with the new platform. In fact, beginning this day, new accounts will automatically be set up on the new platform.

How will the migration will work?

We understand how important your website is to you, and moving it from one technology platform to another is not something we take lightly. We have developed a comprehensive migration quality assurance process: we will simultaneously host your site on both the old and new platforms, and we will vigorously test key functionality on the new platform to make sure it matches that of the old. Once your account has passed this QA process, we will point DNS to your site on the new platform, completing the migration.

When will my account(s) be migrated?

We will begin moving customer accounts within the next few weeks, though due to the extensive QA process, we won’t get to all customer accounts right away. We anticipate the migration lasting several months as we work to make sure that all accounts are functioning properly in the new environment.

We will send you an email notice before your account is scheduled to be migrated, and we’ll send you a second notice once your account’s migration has been completed and your domain name pointed to the new platform. Once we’ve sent you the second notice, we’ll ask that you test and review your site on the new platform to make sure we haven’t missed anything — after all, you know your site best! We’ll also include information about any significant changes to the way you’d manage your account on the new platform.

Questions, concerns, issues?

Until you hear from us, please continue to manage your account(s) as you normally do — log in as normal, check your email as normal, update your website as normal, etc. When the time comes, we’ll email you with more information. We’ll also maintain this transition information site, updating it with relevant details as the migration progresses. We encourage you to check back here!

We are very excited about the new Verio platform and can’t wait to share all the features with you. We do recognize that it is a change, of course, and we hope that you won’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have:


Thank you for choosing Verio — we truly appreciate your business, and we look forward to working with you on the new platform!

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