FAQs for Resellers

Questions about the Migration:

Questions about the Ending of the viaVerio and RapidSite Programs:

How does the migration process work?

We have developed a comprehensive migration quality assurance process:

  1. We will simultaneously host each of your sites on both the old and new platforms.
  2. We will vigorously test key functionality on the new platform to make sure it matches that of the old.
  3. As each account passes this QA process, we will point DNS for that site to the new platform, completing the migration for the account.

We will do our best to migrate all of your accounts as closely together as possible, though the QA process may end up staggering the migrations of some of your accounts to some degree.

We’ll be in contact with you once we get closer to migrating your accounts specifically. At that time, we’ll have put together an online interface, where you’ll be able to review the migration status of each of your accounts.

When will my accounts be migrated?

We will begin the migration in the near future, though due to the extensive QA process, we won’t get to all customer accounts right away. We anticipate the migration lasting several months as we work to make sure that all accounts are functioning properly in the new environment. (Don’t forget that, while the current viaVerio and RapidSite programs ended in December, your services will remain online in their current location until your accounts have been successfully migrated to the new platform.)

How do I manage my accounts during the migration?

Until you hear from us about concrete timing regarding the migration of your accounts, continue to manage them as you normally do. Once we’ve begun migration activity for your accounts, we will provide you with an online interface, where you’ll be able to review the migration status of each of your accounts.

What are your hours of operation?

Our general support team is available 24×7, though for reseller transition-specific concerns, we recommend calling us at 855-781-0013 between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We’ve staffed that line with a team dedicated specifically to helping resellers manage the transition from the old Verio platform to the new one.

What is ApolloHosting?

ApolloHosting was a web hosting brand of Endurance International Group. Starting February 29, 2016, with the launch of the new Verio website, ApolloHosting customers now manage their accounts at verio.com, as well.

When do the viaVerio/RapidSite partner programs end?

The current viaVerio and RapidSite partner programs ended on December 31, 2015. Services for viaVerio and RapidSite reseller partners who have chosen to have their accounts moved over to the new Verio reseller program managed by Endurance International Group will remain online until their accounts are migrated to the new platform.

Why is the viaVerio/RapidSite partner program ending?

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, NTT America (formerly Verio) has been at the forefront of the web hosting, VPS, MPS, and domain name industry by developing unique and scalable products for its customers and by remaining committed to helping them achieve revenue success. With Verio’s earlier merger with NTT America, the focus of the business gradually changed. As a result of this shift in business focus, the current viaVerio and RapidSite partner programs will end on December 31, 2015 as NTT America makes plans to exit the web hosting business.

Has Endurance International Group acquired viaVerio or RapidSite?

No. Endurance has acquired retail web hosting accounts for small and medium-sized business under the Verio brand, but it has not acquired any accounts of viaVerio’s or RapidSite’s reseller partners. We’ve selected Endurance to partner with us (1) to maintain the Verio brand going forward and (2) to help our partners migrate their accounts to the new program, but whether or not existing viaVerio or RapidSite reseller partners choose to move to the new program is up to each partner.

Can you provide more details about Endurance’s hosting platform?

Yes, should you choose to have your accounts migrated to Endurance’s Verio platform, you and your clients will benefit from faster, more modern server hardware, plus increased network security and a larger systems operations team. The platform is integrated with one of the most comprehensive product suites available, catered to the needs of web hosts and designers, and its geo-located hosting, with servers in the US, UK, Turkey, India and Hong Kong, translates into faster load times for your clients’ websites.

You’ll also have access to a wider range of TLDs — the new platform has integrated registrations with more than 700 different TLDs! In addition to some of the industry’s lowest priced domains, each domain registration will also include $150 worth of freebies (domain forwarding, domain theft protection, email forwarding, DNS management, etc.).

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