Important Changes for Resellers

Please carefully review the important information and changes referenced below to understand the impact the new platform will have on your accounts. (Don’t forget to check the transition status tab of the Reseller Console to see which accounts have already been migrated and which accounts have yet to be migrated.) For your convenience, we’ve grouped this information into general categories:

Be Sure To Communicate with Your Clients: If your clients manage their accounts directly, please let them know what’s going on! Once your accounts have been migrated, your clients should begin managing them on the new platform right away. If there do happen to be any issues, and no one notices because they’re still accessing the old platform, it may be too late to correct things when the old platform is ultimately dismantled.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Be sure to take a moment to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By continuing to use your accounts, you are agreeing to comply with and abide by these Terms.

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