Your Clients’ Login Information

When your accounts are migrated, they will be hosted on an unbranded interface at You’ll be able to log into each of your client accounts via your Reseller Console, but if you have clients who log into their accounts directly, they’ll be able to do so at:

On the new platform, your clients have one login for all services,* and in most cases, it will be the same as their hosting login on the old platform (i.e., In some rare cases, we may have needed to change it slightly, but all of your clients’ new-platform usernames can be found in your Reseller Console. Your clients should also be able to log in with their domain names.

In most cases, your clients’ passwords also have not changed — they should be the same as their hosting login on the old platform (i.e., Once an account has been migrated, if the client doesn’t know his or her password, you or the client can reset the password; we’ll send an email to the address on record with a link to reset it. You can also change any of your clients’ passwords directly via the Reseller Console.

* For VPS accounts, please review the Reseller VPS Logins page of this transition information site.

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