Your Clients’ VPS Accounts

The following information applies to clients who are using cPanel on Linux-based servers. If you have any clients using a custom control panel, or whose accounts are on a Windows-based or FreeBSD platform, we’ll reach out to you separately about those accounts.

New IP Addresses

Your clients’ IP addresses have changed. We have attempted to update instances of the IP addresses in the code as part of the migration, but for clients whose DNS is managed by a third-party provider, those IP addresses will need to be updated with the third-party providers directly.

To find a client’s new IP address(es), log into the client’s VPS Control Center. You can log in via your Reseller Console (using your own username and password) or via your client’s control panel directly (using your client’s username and password).

Potential Migration Issues

If we migrated your VPS account for you (i.e., you didn’t migrate it yourself via the “Manual Migration Option”), then there are a few potential issues that we wanted to make you aware of. Learn more »

Logging in on the New Platform

For details about logging into your client accounts on the new platform (via WHM, via cPanel, via the new-platform account-management control panel), visit the Reseller VPS Logins page of this transition information site.

cPanel Will Continue To Send Emails

Keep in mind that you or your clients (depending on whose contact information is being used) will continue to receive cPanel messages specific to your servers. They’re sent via cPanel and are independent of this platform migration. (Any email filters that have been set up regarding these messages should continue to work, post-migration.)

Additional Resources

We’ve put together additional account-management resources, specifically for cPanel customers, and made them available in our Knowledgebase. They’re available on, but you’ll need to log in as one of your clients to view them (nearly all pages on are behind login). The same information is available on (though don’t forget that, for your clients, substitute for

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