Potential VPS Migration Issues

If we migrated your VPS account for you (i.e., you didn’t migrate it yourself via the “Manual Migration Option”), then there are a few potential issues that we wanted to make you aware of:

1) Missing SSL Certs

We didn’t migrate SSL certificates separately and then install them on the new-platform VMS. Instead, we erred on the side of thoroughness by making a copy of the entire Apache directory that contained the SSL certs and placed those in /root/http or /root/apache.

2) Missing Crontab

Due to the differences between the old and new platforms, it is not possible to migrate crons. Instead, we made a backup of all crons and placed them in either /root/cron (Linux) or /root/tabs (BSD).

3) SQL Users

If you were using the MySQL root and root password for PHP scripts connecting to databases, we were not able to migrate those root passwords, so there is a potential that your site may not work in those instances. If you find that to be the case, please contact our support team as we can likely correct it for you.

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