Migration Process for Resellers

Migration Process: We understand how important your Reseller business is to you, and moving your accounts from one technology platform to another is not something we take lightly. We have developed a comprehensive migration quality assurance process that simultaneously hosts your accounts on both the old and new platforms. We then vigorously test key functionality on the new platform to make sure it matches that of the old. As each account passes this QA process, we point DNS for that site to the new platform, completing the migration for the account.

Migration Timing: To provide individual attention to each of your accounts, they will be migrated separately upon successful completion of the QA process. We will do our best to migrate all of your accounts as closely together as possible, though the QA process may end up staggering the migrations of some of your accounts to some degree.

Real-Time Migration Status Updates: In your Reseller Console, there’s a “Transition Status” tab that will show you, at a glance, the migration status of each of your accounts and allow you to drill down into individual accounts as needed.

We will be in frequent contact with you throughout this entire migration process, but keep in mind that the “Transition Status” tab in the Reseller Console will be updated in real time — the most up-to-date information can be found there, and we encourage you to check it often:

After an Account Is Migrated: As each account is migrated, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly test the website and email to confirm a successful migration. Please take a moment to carefully review the Post-Migration Information and Changes for Resellers section of this transition information site for key differences between the old and new platforms.

Let Your Clients Know: Be sure to communicate with your clients about the migration. If your clients manage their accounts directly, please let them know what’s going on! Once your accounts have been migrated, your clients should begin managing them on the new platform right away. If there do happen to be any issues, and no one notices because they’re still accessing the old platform, it may be too late to correct things when the old platform is ultimately dismantled.

Please Contact Us with Your Questions! If you have any questions at all about the migration process, call us toll-free at 855-781-0013 between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00pm Eastern Time, seven days a week — we’ve staffed that line with a team dedicated to helping resellers manage this transition. You can also email us at resellers@verio-inc.com.

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