VPS Manual Migration

The transition kiosk (login details below) provides you with an option to place your account in a manual migration status. In order to proceed with migrating your files, databases, and mail to your VPS on the new platform you will need to create a cPanel account in WHM at https://Server-IP-Address:2087

Additional information about logging into WHM is located in the Knowledgebase »

Please note: Your IP address is different on the new platform. To find out your new-platform IP address, log into your new-platform control panel (login details below) and access the VPS Control Center.

For information on creating a cPanel user please visit cPanel: How to Create a New cPanel User in WHM

Once you have created a cPanel account, you can transfer your files via FTP using the cPanel credentials you created along with your IP Address as the FTP Host. For information on FTP please see FTP: How to Connect to Your Website

If your website has a database, you will need to make sure you export them and import them on your VPS on the new platform. You will want to download a copy of your emails to your local machine.

Please make sure to test your website functionality before updating your DNS to the new platform and please contact the Transition Support to finalize the migration.

As you’re testing your services on the new platform, you may find it helpful to review the important changes for managing your account on the new platform.

Logging in on the new Verio platform / accessing the Transition Kiosk:

To access your account on the new Verio platform, log in at:

Your username and password should not have changed, but if you have trouble logging in, you can regenerate your password on the new Verio platform.

Once you’ve successfully accessed your new-platform account, you’ll be brought to our “Transition Kiosk,” where you’ll see our “manual migration” tools designed to assist you with your account’s upgrade to the new Verio platform.

To find out your IP address on the new platform, visit the VPS Control Center.

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