Managing Your Email

We’ve migrated all of your mailboxes, forwards, and messages to the new platform. If you see a few duplicate messages, it’s possible that some messages sent close to the migration timeframe were migrated twice — we erred on the side of inclusion. You can safely delete the double messages. Please note that we did not migrate any messages in trash folders.

We were not able to migrate calendars to the new platform. Calendar items will need to be recreated manually; we apologize for any inconvenience.

Configuring Mailboxes on the New Platform

For email clients, which download mail to a local device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.), use the following settings on the new platform:

Username: your full email address (i.e., “” not just “vanessa”)
Password: your mailbox password (should not have changed from the old platform)

Incoming Mail Server: or
   (your choice — compare POP vs. IMAP)
Incoming Mail Port: 110 for POP (or 995 with SSL enabled), 143 for IMAP (or 993 with SSL enabled)

Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Port: 587 (or 465 with SSL enabled)
SMTP server requires authentication: Check this box.

Note 1:,, and will all work, too.

Note 2: If you are already using as your POP/SMTP server in your mail client, that will also work, and you do not need to change your mail settings upon migration.

The Knowledgebase includes more information about configuring your email clients »

Accessing Webmail on the New Platform

Access your webmail at this location:

The password(s) for your mailbox(es) have not changed. Please note that, on the new platform, you’ll log into each mailbox using your email address, not your account username.

Our Knowledgebase includes information about the webmail interface on the new platform (Roundcube). If anything seems unfamiliar about the new interface, we encourage you to review the webmail Knowledgebase article »

Note about Address Books: If you had a list of contacts or an address book saved as part of your webmail on the old platform, we’ve moved it over to the new platform as an .xml file. You can access the file via FTP or FileManager. The file path is:


If you have multiple address books, each associated with a different email account, you should see a separate folder/directory for each one within the “users” folder/directory.

Note about Autoresponders: Webmail autoresponders on the new platform (RoundCube) do not include options for separate “reply-to” addresses or notification addresses. Otherwise, any autoresponders you’ve set up should continue to work as they did on the old platform. More information about managing autoresponders is available in our Knowledgebase.

Email Management: Creating Mailboxes, Spam Filter Settings, etc.

You can manage all aspects of your email addresses via MailCentral in the new-platform control panel. Review and manage your spam filter settings, as well.

Not sure what your username and/or password is? Learn more about accessing your account on the new platform »

Our Knowledgebase includes more information about Email Management »

Important Note for Zimbra Customers

On the new platform, we have upgraded and modernized your mail services. Now that your account has been migrated, you can access your mail via Roundcube, a premium webmail solution. Plus, you now get the following:

  • You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes. No more limits!
  • We’ve doubled the storage quota for each of your existing mailboxes.
  • All your increased quota levels are now flexible, meaning you can apply them in any combination to any of your boxes.

In addition, you now receive our new platform’s premium spam protection, and access to automated website backup for files and databases … all at no extra charge.

That said, the migration does create a little bit of work for you — we were not be able to transfer your calendar or contacts directly into Roundcube. Instead, calendar information and contacts are accessible to you post-migration via .zip files, and you will need to import them manually.

  • All contacts are in a vCard format with standard VCF extension, one contact per file, and packaged into a ZIP file at following location:

  • All calendar appointments have been saved in ICS format and posted to the following location:

You will need to use the FileManager tool, available via your new-platform control panel, to access these directories.

Please note: If there are multiple people using your email services, only you, as the main account holder, have access to the calendars and contacts .zip files via FileManager. You will need to distribute relevant calendars and contacts to your colleagues.

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