Managing Your Website

If your website is hosted on our Windows servers, be sure to read the additional information for Windows platform customers at the bottom of this page.

FTP Settings on the New Platform

FTP Username: your account username
FTP Password: your account password

Not sure what your username and/or password is? Learn more about accessing your account on the new platform »

More information about connecting to your website via FTP, including a quick video tutorial, is available in our Knowledgebase.

FTP Subusers — Regenerate Their Passwords

If you’ve set up FTP subuser accounts (i.e., provided limited access for others to make updates to your website), you will need to regenerate passwords for those additional FTP logins (and let your colleagues know what they are). We apologize for any inconvenience — for security reasons, we were not able to pull them from the old platform. Please visit our Knowledgebase for information about managing multiple FTP logins on the new platform.

System Settings on the New Platform

The new platform runs PHP version 5.5.22 and MySQL version 5.6.32, both of which are upgrades over the old platform. There shouldn’t be anything you need to update on your end once your account has been migrated; the migration process itself should ensure that your website remains compatible with these upgraded system settings.

To view the full list of system settings on the new platform, log into your new control panel. In the right margin of the control panel, you’ll see a section called “System Settings,” which includes not only the versions of PHP and MySQL we’re running, but also installed Perl modules and installed PEAR modules, as well as many of the settings included on this transition information site (nameservers, FTP paths, mail server paths, etc.).

MySQL Database Passwords: One-Time Confirmation

When accessing a MySQL database from the new control panel for the first time, you will be prompted to confirm your database username and password. (If you’re not sure what your database password is, you’ll have an option to change it to something else instead.)

You will only need to do this once; after that, once you’ve logged into the main control panel, you’ll have access to all your services under your single, main login.

External Database Connections Are Not Supported on the New Platform

For security reasons, external database connections are not supported on the new platform. If you’re hosting a database with Verio (MySQL, MS SQL, etc.) and it connects to or via a location not hosted on your account with us, you will need to reconfigure your code without the external reference.

WordPress and Other Installs

The Knowledgebase also has extensive information about using WordPress on the new platform »

If you’re interested in installing/managing other open source applications, learn more about our integration with MOJO Marketplace »

Other Site Builders

There are a number of other site builders available with your account on the new platform, including Weebly and CM4all.

Important Note for CM4all Customers

Your current CM4all site is up and running as normal — it passed our quality assurance process — however, you may not be able to make edits right away. We’re working with CM4all to restore your ability to republish your website within the next few days. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

goMobi Mobile Sites Not Migrated

If you were using goMobi on the old platform to display a mobile version of your website, we were unable to migrate this alternative, mobile version of your website to the new platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Verio’s Website Counter Is Being Discontinued

If you were using the website counter on the old platform, it will not work correctly on the new platform. We apologize for any inconvenience — it had been designed specifically for the old platform. There are a number of free website counters available online if you’re interested in continuing to use one.

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Additional Information for Windows Platform Customers:

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