Migration Update: Jan. 16 End Date

Good news: we have extended the migration deadline by seven weeks to January 16th. We are, of course, still working to migrate all accounts over to the new platform as quickly as possible.

Even with the extra time, there is still a possibility that your account could get stuck in our quality assurance process, and we may need your help to move it over. In fact, you can migrate your account right now. You know your site best, and any QA issues we encounter may end up being something simple that you’d be able to resolve using our manual migration tools.

Please note that, while the old platform will remain online until January 16th, you will no longer be able to contact the old-platform support staff after November 30th. Beginning on December 1st, you’ll only be able to contact the new-platform support team. If you currently have an open support ticket with the old team, though, that ticket will be addressed by the old team.

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