Transition Kiosk

If you log into your account on the new platform, but the account hasn’t yet been fully migrated there, you’ll see an interface called the “Transition Kiosk.” Inside the Kiosk, you’ll be able to review the status of your account’s migration.

Most customers won’t have any need to visit the Transition Kiosk. Prior to migration, simply manage your account on the old platform as normal, logging in as normal, etc. We will send you an email notice before your account is scheduled to be migrated, and we’ll send you a second notice once your account’s migration has been completed, at which point you’ll be able to log into the new-platform control panel directly, bypassing the Transition Kiosk altogether.

There is a possibility that your account’s migration could be delayed, however. We have developed a comprehensive migration quality assurance process, and we will not migrate an account until it has passed this QA review. If you’ve received the first email from us (“Your Account Is Scheduled To Be Migrated This Week”) but not the second (“Your Account Has Been Moved to the New Platform”), you can check the status of your migration by logging into your account on the new platform.

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